Introducing a technique to convert DCV files to MP4 [Windows and MAC compatible].

With the latest techniques we have carefully selected to convert DMM DCV files to MP4, you will be able to reduce the stress of converting DCV files to MP4. Check out the article now to freely enjoy the new world of music and video.

Some people may find it a bit inconvenient that DMM DCV files can only be played on specialized players, but by converting DCV files to MP4, you will be able to easily migrate your videos.

Converting DCV files may be a bit difficult even for first-time users, but don't worry. This article includes special techniques and recommended tools for Windows and MAC! By learning the techniques taught by professionals, you will be able to reduce the stress of converting DCV files to MP4.

About downloading DCV files

What is DCV all about?

The file extension ".dcv" (Digital Compact Video) is the file format used by DriveCrypt, a full disk encryption tool developed by SecurStar GmbH. This extension is mainly used to protect digital data (movies, music, novels, etc.) on Windows PCs.

This protection technology makes it impossible to duplicate streaming movies, novels, etc., and it is also quite difficult to record and play them back. So, how much do you know about services that use dcv to encrypt streaming video until now? Below, let's go into detail.

What services are still using ".dcv" so far?

As of 2023, the paid video distribution site "DMM.TV" and its adult distribution service "FANZA" use the ".dcv" extension to encrypt videos. When a user purchases and downloads a video, the video is downloaded as a ".dcv" file. In order to play it, the user must use the dedicated DMM Player. In Japan, this ".dcv" file is recognized as the format of the video being sold.

Free! Technique to convert DCV files to MP4!

Why bother converting DCV files to MP4?

Here we will explain the necessity of converting DCV files.

Because DMM.TV uses this special file format to enhance video security and copyright protection. Downloaded videos can also only be played on specialized players, so editing, burning to CDs or DVDs, or transferring to other devices is not possible. However, if you convert DMM.TV videos to MP4 and save them, you can greatly improve convenience and economy.

  • Once converted to MP4, you can play it on your smartphone, tablet, TV, or game console as needed.
  • Convert and save to MP4 or other versatile formats for importing into various editing software.
  • Download DMM all-you-can-watch videos in bulk for offline playback even when traveling.
  • Subscribe or cancel your Premium membership based on the release date of the videos you want to download and save money


It is probably for convenience that so many people in wisdom are looking for a way to convert DMM dcv videos to MP4.

Technique to download & convert from DMM.TV or FANZA

Although it may not be commonly known, it is possible to convert and download DCV files to MP4 format by using certain tools. In particular, this section explains how to convert videos with the ".dcv" extension purchased from DMM and FANZA to MP4 or MKV format.

This article will detail how to convert and download DCV files to MP4 for different devices by utilizing these specialized techniques.

[Windows/MAC] Best Software to Convert DCV Files to MP4

As a recommended software, we introduce FlixPal DCV converter software for both Windows and MAC. With this software, you can easily convert DCV files obtained from DMM, FANZA, etc. to MP4/MKV format.

With FlixPal, you can enjoy not only purchased contents but also unlimited videos in the highest quality (1920*1080 ). High-quality videos can be viewed offline and are saved in MP4 format for smooth transfer to a variety of devices, including iPhone, iPad, TV, and burning to DVD/CD.

FlixPal DCV Converter software also offers the following two services

In addition, with FlixPal DCV Converter, you can download up to 3 videos for free. During the free usage, you can customize and download videos with unlimited length, quality, output format (MP4/MKV), subtitles, audio track, etc. Below are detailed instructions on how to download DMM videos for free using FlixPal.

You can download 3 videos for free, so try it now.

How to download and convert DMM videos with FlixPal

Install FlixPal DCV Converter

First of all From the official website ofFlixPal DCV converter software, click on the button "Free Download " to download the installer to your personal device.


Then, when the file "flixpal_online_1191.exe" has been downloaded, click to open it and the installation screen will appear.


If you follow the installation guide, the installation of FlixPal will be completed in about 2~3 minutes.

Switch the language to Japanese and set the output format.

After installation, click on the FlixPal icon or launch the program.


After the program is launched, select "≡" > "settling" in the upper right corner of the home page, and then select Japanese from "General" > "language", and the UI is now Japanese.

Go to the "VIP Service" section and select the video format from MP4 and MKV. After making your selection, click "OK" and you are ready to download.

*Before using the service to download videos from Fanza, you must check the "Show adult services" checkbox in the "General" section of the Settings page.

Convert and download DMM videos

Now, you are finally ready to download videos from DMM TV and FANZA. Next, let's take a look at the download procedure in detail as soon as possible.

Click on the "DMM" logo in the UI's home VIP service and access the official DMM website with the built-in browser.


Log in to your DMM TV account; note that if you do not have access to your DMM account, we do not offer video download services.


Then, go to the top page of DMM TV and find the video you want to download. Using the built-in browser, you can go directly to the video site and do not need to enter the URL.


Once on the playback page, you will see a window with output settings. Here, select the episode you wish to download, select the resolution, audio, subtitles, etc., and click "Download Now.

    Download Now

Click "Download Now" to start downloading. You can also check the progress of the download in the "Downloading" section on the left side of the UI.


FlixPal DCV Converter Software is fast and download speeds are extremely fast. It also automatically selects the optimal resolution while maintaining the quality of the downloaded file, so no storage space is wasted.

In addition, FlixPal DCV Converterhas an intuitive interface and is easy to operate, making it easy to handle even for beginners. It is also capable of downloading multiple videos at the same time, making it possible to process a large amount of content at once.

How to convert DMM videos to MP4

Next, we will show you how to record DMM videos and save them in MP4 format with Video Converter Pro, a professional recording software for MAC users that is intuitive, easy to use, and offers video importing, converting, and versatile editing features. It is easy to use, intuitive, and provides video capture, conversion, and versatile editing features.

However, if you convert and save DMM videos using the free version of Video Converter Pro, you will see a watermark "Video Converter" in the middle of the video, so if this bothers you, please purchase the useful version.

Also, Video Converter Pro can only convert dcv filters downloaded from DMM and cannot convert streaming videos. Below are instructions on how to convert DMM videos using Video Converter Pro.

  1. Launch the software and click the "Video" icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Enter the DMM file you wish to convert.
  3. At the bottom of the software, select an output profile. Click "+" to see more profiles.
  4. Click the "RUN" button to start converting DMM download videos on your Mac.

How to choose a software to convert DCV files to MP4

Which of the two techniques introduced above is better? The following list of features should help you find out.

DCV Converter Software

FlixPal DCV Converter

Video Converter Pro

Conversion Methods

High-Speed Download


Quality and Resolution

Highest quality of the original

High quality

Conversion Speed






SRT Subtitles can be saved



Free Trial


△ (only for the first 5 minutes of each video)




Money Back Guarantee

7 days



How do I convert DCV videos purchased from FANZA to MP4 format?

Videos purchased on FanZa are saved with a ".dcv" extension, so they can only be played on DMM players. Here we recommend FlixPal FANZA Downloader, a software to download FANZA videos in MP4 format while removing the DRM technology applied to FANZA videos. It provides a digital experience that is one step ahead of the rest.

Can Ffmpeg convert DCV videos to MP4 format?

As it turns out, you can theoretically convert DCV videos to MP4 format with Ffmpeg, but you cannot convert DMM videos with Ffmpeg. This is because DMM is equipped with DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology, which causes the screen of videos converted and saved using Ffmpeg to be blank. If you want to convert DCV videos to MP4 format, it is better to use a professional conversion software.