Where can I watch videos of [Canan Nichinan]? How to save ear lick and ASMR videos to PC?

In this article, we would like to explain each of the platforms operated by [Canan Nichinan] and also show you how to save [Canan Nichinan] ear lick and ASMR videos on your PC.

I wonder if many of you are thinking, "Nothing would make me happier than to fall asleep while listening to Canan Nichinan licking my ears." Canan Nichinan] is active mainly on YouTube and Nico Nico channels, but he also distributes live-action extreme ear licking and ASMR videos on Fantia or his personal website "canan8181. In this article, we would like to explain each of the platforms operated by [Canan Nichinan].

Canan Nichinan] Canan official fanclub

Canan official fanclub has a lot of echi-echi things that you can never do on Nico Nico Nico, not to mention countdowns, and a lot of live-action extreme ear-licking videos including hidden words (e.g., "penis," "cock," "chu-zushi," etc.), adult toys, pseudo-ecchi and paizuri, and more than on Nico Nico ch. It is a paid distribution service because the range of what you can do expands overwhelmingly.

Canan official fanclub's three monthly fee plans

?Warano no Ouchi Plan ? (500 yen (excluding tax))

No archive delivery period, no renewal privileges

?Ki no uchiuchi plan? (5000 yen (excluding tax))

Extreme ear-licking ASMR viewing + 1 month of archived videos + live-action cheki-style card

Only 3 months payment at once (15,000 yen (excluding tax))

?Brick House? (10,000 yen (excluding tax))

*Viewing of contents of all plans + extreme ear licking ASMR viewing available + 1 month of archived distribution period + live-action cheki-style card

Only 3 months' worth of payment at once (15,000 yen (excluding tax))

Canan Nichinan] Fantia Niuukanansu (Ura)★+. (Nichinan(Canan))

My main activity place is YouTube & Nico Nico Channel, but [Canan Nichinan] also posts behind-the-scenes videos on Fantia. Here you can subscribe to three of Nichinan's (Canan) plans and watch ear licking and ASMR videos as well.

Below are the 3 plans of Nyuukanansu(Ura)★+ on Fantia ->.

?Free Trial ? ¥0/month

  • Selfies uploaded to Twitter (SNS)
  • Selfie uploaded to Nico Nico Channel
  • Ear licking sample video (3Puru)
  • Selfies used as YouTube thumbnails

I will update this page irregularly, so please feel free to join me!

Plans for ?DL purchases ? 100 yen/month

You can purchase items sold on our fan tier!

We mainly sell re-edited videos of the ones we distributed on our Nico Nico channel.

This plan only gives you the "right to purchase products", so you need to purchase those products separately.

Please note that there are no special benefits such as videos or selfies.

?URAAKANANASU? 500 yen/month

We will update irregularly (3 times/month~) with naughty and naughty photos and videos that are not posted on Nico Nico Ch!

Irregular contents

Ecchi echi selfie

Limited time/regularly updated contents

Ear licking archive video (*)

Once or twice a month. (*Once or twice a month, a lukewarm high-definition video of a live ear-licking broadcast on Nico Nico Ch is distributed.

Canan Nichinan] Nico Nico Channel Nyukanansu☆+

ニコニコチャンネルプラス Portal

Canan Nichinan's Nico Nico Channel Nyukanansu☆ is available for 550 yen per month (tax included). Here you can also watch 【Canan Nichinan】's chatting, game playing, singing, cooking, ASMR and other contents.

By the way, starting Wednesday, April 15, 2020, you can join Nico Nico Channel and become a Premium member at the same time, and the first month's membership fee will be waived.

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Canan Nichinan] YouTube Bakananasu! 《 Nichinan - canan - 》

ASMR videos are available on the YouTube channel of [Canan Nichinan], but they are not R15 videos. Except for the extreme ear licking videos, the contents distributed here are almost the same as those on the Nico Nico Channel Nyukanansu☆+. Chat, live games, singing, cooking, ASMR, and other contents are also available here for free.

How to save Canan Nichinan ear-licking and ASMR videos on your PC

Canan Nichinan] has posted so many contents, it's really amazing. What if you want to save [Canan Nichinan]'s ear lick/ASMR videos to your PC?

Here we recommend FlixPal downloader, a software that allows you to download videos from platforms such as Canan official fanclub, Fantia, and YouTube, including Nico Nico Channel.

FlixPal supports not only the above video sharing sites, but also 100+ other distribution services such as Netflix, Disney+, TVer, gyao!

Now, let's go through the steps to download videos from Nico Nico Channel on FlixPal with images.

STEP1 Download the application from the top page of FlixPal's official website.

STEP2 Open the FlixPal app and enter the URL of the official Canan official fanclub website in the search field of the built-in browser.

STEP3 Then, log in to Canan official fanclub to access the site. Find the video you want to download.

STEP4 Click on the video you want to download and enter the viewing page. Click "DRM M3U8" in the upper left corner.

STEP5 A pop-up window will appear. After selecting the quality, click "Download Now!

STEP6 Downloading starts. After the progress bar is completed, you can save the video to your PC.

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