[Johnny's net Online] How to download live on Johnny's net Online, HLS can be removed and downloaded.

This article explains how you can download content delivered from JanisNet Online with HLS and M3U8 implemented and watch it in high quality and sound even with an off-ramp.

Johnny's net Online is a website that allows you to save concerts, live performances, and stage performances of the talents of Johnny's (Arashi, Kanjani Eight, Hey! Many of you have probably wished you could save concerts, live performances, stages, etc. and watch them offline.

Since you can only watch them online with a ticket, and there is no archived streaming all together after they are delivered again, you will probably only be able to download them once you have watched the live show a second time.

This article explains how you can download the content delivered from Johnny's Net Online, implemented by HLS and M3U8, and watch it in high quality and sound even off-ramp.

Why download videos from Janis Net Online?

There are two ways to save videos from Janis Net Online

  1. Analyze the URL of the video from Janis Net Online and download the video.
  2. Record the screen of the content delivered from Janis Net Online and save the video.

Since JanisNet Online implements HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), a protocol and data format for online video and audio streaming and playback, general screen recording software cannot record HLS streaming videos. When recording, the playback screen will be blacked out and will not be useful for saving the video. Therefore, if you want to save videos delivered in M3U8 and HLS format, you need professional M3U8 and DRM-removable download software.


In addition, recording or recording of delivered content is strictly prohibited on JanisNet Online. Unauthorized reproduction, secondary distribution, sharing, or selling of recorded content is defined as an illegal act that infringes copyright.

Due to those causes, downloading is the only choice to save videos from Janis Net Online.

Recommended software for downloading Japanesenet Online distribution content

It is so easy to download and save the delivery contents of Janis Net Online with professional download software. Here, we recommend the software that allows you to download the live delivery of JanisNet Online in high quality--FlixPal downloader.

What is FlixPal Downloader?

FlixPal downloader is a highly functional downloader that allows you to download the live stream from JanisNet Online and watch it repeatedly offline. In addition, FlixPal also supports mainstream streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, and U-NEXT, and can download videos from video services with DRM and M3U8.

FlixPal Downloader Features

  • High quality up to 1080P--Download streaming content from 320P to 1080P with no loss of quality when downloading videos.
  • Multiple audio tracks--When downloading videos, accessible audio tracks such as ACC 2.0 and EAC3 5.1 are provided.
  • Download multiple videos--Multiple videos can be downloaded in one batch. This can greatly improve efficiency.
  • Mac support--FlixPal's operating environment is not only Window, but also Mac.

How to download Janis Net online videos with FlixPal downloader

STEP1 Download and install its software from the official website of FlixPal.

Official Homepage FlixPal

STEP2 Run FlixPal and enter the URL of Johnny's Net Online (https://online.johnnys-net.jp/) in the address bar at home.

STEP3 Log in to Johnny's Net Online with the built-in browser, check your purchased tickets, and enter before the concert/performance starts.

STEP4 Then, go to the playback page and click "Download Now" after setting the quality, audio, etc. you wish to save.

STEP5 After clicking "Download Now," the video download will begin. Up to this point, you have completed the process of downloading while watching the contents distributed by JanisNet Online.


The above is a great way to download Johnny's live streaming. With the FlixPal downloader introduced above, you can download the streaming contents from Johnny's Net Online with HLS and M3U8 implemented, and you can also watch them in high quality and high sound quality even with off-ramp. Please try FlixPal.

Now new users can download 3 delivery videos from Johnny's Net Online for free.

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