How to Screenshot Netflix Without Black Screen on Various Devices?

Netflix doesn’t allow screenshots by default. This article will explain how to screenshot Netflix on your device.

Netflix comes among the most common platforms for video streaming across the globe. We all are knowledgeable about the multiple things we can watch on Netflix. From movies to series and from documentaries to reality shows, you can choose anything you want. While watching, there will be times when you want to capture a special dialogue or scene, but you cannot. A black screen will appear, and you would want to know how to screenshot Netflix without it.

This article will guide you through different ways using which you can understand how to screenshot Netflix. If you try taking screenshots by the common method, you might end up disappointing yourself as you will see black screens all the time.

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Why Doesn’t Netflix Let You Take Screenshots?

Netflix doesn’t let you take screenshots as it wants to protect copyright content and give the different creators and actors of the shows the value of work they deserve. So, in that matter, Netflix doesn’t encourage anything surpassing the rights, like taking screenshots and screen recording. On the other hand, it can be problematic for people who want to capture their favorite moments. Also, sometimes they want to capture famous dialogues and scenes. With the black screen, it becomes impossible for them to do so. However, there are some ways that will help you learn how to take screenshots on Netflix.

How to Screenshot Netflix on Windows?

If you watch Netflix on Windows 10 or 11, then this method is for you. The shortcut windows will be the right tool for you to take a screenshot. On the other hand, you may also want to utilize a third-party screen capturing app such as the Snipping Tool, which is normally found on the computer. On the other hand, the black screen issue will persist, and it will render your screenshot useless in some cases. So, the foolproof option is to disable your graphic driver.

If you want to know how to take screenshot on Netflix, follow these steps:

  1. Check the search box and then type in Device Manager, opening the application
  2. Select the option Display Adapters to open it
  3. Disable the device to enable your OS to take screenshot on Netflix
  4. Make sure to confirm the selection on the popup and disable the graphic driver on your computer.

It would disable the graphics driver or the graphics card on your PC. Using this, you are able to select Netflix to open it for taking a screenshot. Choose and play any clip you want from the movie or show you watch. Remember, disabling the graphics driver will also interfere with different processes on Windows. It might get hard for you to play any games on your computer. Also, any photo editing software might not run smoothly on your device, such as Photoshop.

That is why it is recommended you always enable your graphics driver right after taking the screenshot on your device. To enable the device, you need to follow the steps in the same way as mentioned above and then select Enable Graphic Driver.

How to Turn Off Hardware Acceleration?

In general terms, hardware acceleration stays active by default. It is enabled in order to improve the overall efficiency of your computer. It does so by enabling quick loading of the movies on your device. If you want to know how to take a screenshot on Netflix, then you will first need to turn it off.

There are different apps that will help you get a screenshot that way. A tool such as Greenshot may help in this case. After installation of a screenshot tool, you can press the keyboard key PrtSc in order to take a screenshot of the program you are watching on Netflix.

Greenshot allows you to take a screenshot of Netflix on your device. However, it is important you install the app on your device. Using that, you are able to take screenshots of the contents that you would like to take.

How to Screenshot Netflix on Mac?

If you are watching Netflix on Mac and you want to know how to take a screenshot on Netflix, then you might want to try this option. First, you need to take a screenshot and then use the Command + Shift + 3 to take the screenshot of your window. As an alternative, you may want to use the Command + Shift + 4 to take a screenshot of a specific part.

How to Screenshot Netflix on iPhone?

For iPhone users, there is sad news when it comes to this. If you are an iPhone user and want to know how to screenshot Netflix on your phone, then you might want to get ready for some serious work. It is because, with iOS, the policies are quite strict, and with newer models coming into the market, the policies for copyright are getting even more difficult to crack. You would want to screenshot Netflix using the Power and Home button by pressing them together. But it wouldn't work.

The only possible alternative would be to jailbreak your phone. That requires you to crack the codes and bypass the restrictions by the manufacturers and developers. However, it is quite a nerve-wracking task, and you wouldn't want to take any big risk only to get an answer for how to screenshot Netflix on your iPhone.

How to Screenshot Netflix on Android?

You might want to raise your hopes up if you want to know how to screenshot Netflix and you are an Android user. There are many apps that help Android users crack difficult codes or bypass some restrictions placed by developers and manufacturers. Just like that, you may want to download an app such as XRecorder, which will help you to know how to screenshot Netflix on your phone effectively.

Download Netflix Videos Using FlixPal Netflix Downloader

FlixPal Netflix Downloader is one of the best tools for downloading Netflix videos. Using this program, you can easily download Netflix videos and also use batch mode. Besides, all the videos that you can download would be in HQ quality. In case you are annoyed because of the advertisements, don’t worry because this program will show the content ad-free. Let’s see how this program works.

  • Download the tool from the website and launch it.
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  • Don’t forget to select the audio files and the subtitles.
  • Once you have downloaded the videos, you can easily transfer them to any device you want.

Final Words

Copyrights don't allow you to take screenshots; however, if you want to know how to screenshot Netflix, then first, you need to check what device you are using to view it. Depending on the device, you can follow the steps mentioned and take a screenshot as desired.