What you should know about WOWOW Online before using WOWOW On Demand

This article describes WOWOW Online and its main features so that you can take advantage of WOWOW Online before using WOWOW On Demand.

WOWOWOW On Demand is a major TV streaming distribution service that delivers videos from WOWOW channels. For beginners, do you have a problem that "I don't know much about how to use WOWOW On Demand" or "I don't know what kind of contents will be simultaneously distributed for the programs broadcast on WOWOW"?

Actually, you can easily confirm these questions if you can utilize WOWOW Online before using WOWOW On Demand. This article describes the main features of WOWOW Online.

What is WOWOW Online?

WOWOWOW Online is a website that provides the latest information on movies, dramas, animations, documentaries, and other contents that will soon be broadcast on WOWOW, as well as program schedules, distribution, and broadcast schedule decisions. WOWOWOW Online allows you to easily check the broadcast and distribution status of your favorite WOWOW productions. It is the greatest function of WOWOW Online.

WOWOWOW Online provides broadcast and distribution status information

If you want to quickly check the broadcasting and distribution schedule of WOWOW Online, please follow the steps below to use WOWOW Online.

Procedure for checking the broadcasting and distribution schedule of WOWOW Online

Scroll to the top of WOWOW Online, tap "Search Programs", 5 options are categorized by the way of search at the bottom, choose according to your preference here

For example, hits scheduled to be broadcast are ranked by "Ranking". When you are not sure what kind of program to choose, you can check the "Ranking" and immediately find the previous 20 WOWOW contents that are currently popular. Check the works you want to watch in advance and confirm the broadcast time. By the way, works are categorized by genre, making it easier to find your favorite works.

You can apply for Plus W on WOWOW Online

WOWOWOW Online offers a service called Plus W, which provides WOWOW program-related goods as well as invitations to various events. This is a gift service provided by WOWOW for its users. Users can search for their favorite events and related goods on sale by filtering "gift type," "eligibility," "genre," and other criteria.

Present events currently being held on WOWOW Online: 【Original Drama Double

  • Original Drama Double ] Fan Meeting Event
  • Excite Match Ringside Conference SP in Osaka" tickets
  • Special quiz project "Spider-Man: No Way Home" merchandise

You can join WOWOW online.

If you would like to subscribe to WOWOW for the first time, please go to the WOWOW Online homepage, select "Subscribe Now" under "Click here to subscribe", and on the new page, select the monthly fee plan of your choice to subscribe.

Two ways to subscribe to WOWOW

There are two types of subscription plans: "via broadcast" and "via transmission. If you subscribe to WOWOW via broadcast, you can watch BS broadcasts and use WOWOW On Demand by registering for a web account (free of charge). If you apply for "via distribution," you can join WOWOW On Demand and enjoy WOWOW videos on various devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, etc.) and you can also watch BS broadcasts on MyWOWOW.

You can also cancel your subscription at WOWOW Online.

In addition to joining WOWOW online, you can of course cancel your subscription from WOWOW, as WOWOW does not calculate by the day, so you can watch programs until the end of the month even if you cancel.

Points to note when cancelling via WOWOW online

  • J:COM
  • SKY PerfecTV!
  • Hikari TV

Other cable TV

If you have applied for WOWOW via the above services, the cancellation method differs for each service. You need to contact the respective business office when you want to cancel. Please be careful.

Here we have explained what you need to know about WOWOW Online. In fact, WOWOW Online has other useful functions. We hope you will all give it a try.

You can also use WOWOW on your computer after joining WOWOW On Demand. However, it does not yet have a video download function. So, the following explains how you can easily download WOWOW videos on your computer. For more information, please click here.

How to download videos from WOWOW On Demand to your PC

STEP1 Download and install a video downloading software called FlixPal

FlixPal is a video streaming service that supports many streaming services, downloads videos with the highest original quality, and saves videos in versatile formats such as MP4 format.

STEP2 Launch FlixPal and enter the link to the WOWOW On Demand site in the address bar on the home page.

STEP3 Log in to the WOWOW On Demand page using FlixPal's built-in browser, and then find the video you want to download.

STEP 4 Once you find the video you want to download, click "Play" to enter the playback page. Start analyzing the URL of the video.

STEP 5 After analyzing the video URL, select your desired video source and quality in the window that appears. Click "Download Now.

So, you have started downloading WOWOW On Demand videos. How do you like it? Well, if you intend to use WOWOW On Demand, let's first gather information that fits your needs at WOWOW Online. By the way, the download software FlixPal has a variety of products that support other streaming services: see about Netflix downloader,Paravi downloader, andu-next downloader.