What Does TV MA Mean on Netflix? 8 Best TV MA Movies on Netflix!

Do you wonder what TV MA means on Netflix or TV MA meaning as it is mentioned in many movies? It indicates the content is for a mature audience.

Netflix is one of the biggest online media service providers with huge and strong viewership, including adults and kids. It becomes difficult to filter the content for kids when you do not know what is coming.

People usually ask what does TV MA mean on Netflix. Here is the solution to your problem. TV MA meaning is simple. It is a rating that tells how much adult content, foul language, etc., is in the movie. TV-MA saves your time monitoring children.

Are you looking for the best movies with high-rated TV MA? You are at the right place; this guide aims to discuss some best TV-MA content. Let's begin by looking into what is TV MA.

What Does TV MA Mean on Netflix?

TV-Y Designed to be appropriate for all children
TV-Y7 Suitable for ages 7 and up
G Suitable for general audiences
TV-G Suitable for general audiences
PG Parental guidance suggested
TV-PG Parental guidance suggested
PG-13 Parents strongly cautioned. May be inappropriate for ages under 13.
TV-14 Parents strongly cautioned. May be inappropriate for ages under 14.
R Restricted. May be inappropriate for ages under 17.
TV-MA For mature audiences
NC-17 Inappropriate for ages 17 and under

When it comes to different figures under a movie with alphabets TVMA, people usually wonder what does TV MA mean on Netflix? Simply, it is the rating the TV Parental Guideline gives to a movie or series specially created for mature audiences.

TV MA rated content means it is for a mature audience. With this rating, the audience gets a warning that the show they will watch contains graphic violence, foul language, adult activities, or a combination of these elements.

Apart from wondering what is TV MA? You may also wonder if the rating is authentic or not. So, Netflix does not give this rating automatically. It uses the rating and remarks given by the audience, and this TV MA rating is equal to R.

8 Best TV MA Movies on Netflix

When you are learning what does TV MA mean on Netflix, it is time to explore some of the best TVMA movies.

Wild Wild Country

It is the best visual answer to what does TV MA mean on Netflix, which involves the relocation of a hippie cult from India to Oregon. Wild Wild Country takes place in Wasco, a ghost town with a handful of God-fearing inhabitants.

It is a documentary series on Netflix based on the life of controversial guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. When he builds a utopian city, it causes a massive conflict with local residents. Due to religious conflict and bloodshed, it is rated TV MA.


It is a series whose first part was released in 2017. This movie also clearly defines TV MA meaning with gloomy scenes and suspense. If you like Stranger Things on Netflix, you will surely love this movie as well. They have similar aesthetics, music, and both deal with the mysterious disappearance of a child.

This German show takes place in a town with an extensive dark history, which reveals when a child goes missing. The intense use of dark scenes and painful tension makes it one of the best TVMA movies.


If you want to know what is TV MA in movies? Watch this Caliphate movie. It is an addictive thriller about groups of people in Scandinavian countries. One group is already radicalized, while the others are still in school and expected to be radicalized soon.

Caliphate is a fascinating movie and worth the time. Thrilling, nuanced, and excellently performed addresses past cheap stereotypes to offer real insight into seduction and psychology. The terrorism and adult scenes made it TV MA ranked.


It is one of the best Netflix productions for those who ask what does TV MA mean on Netflix. Unbelievable is a story of a girl who has been raped in her bedroom. Two detectives are involved in solving the mystery and catching the perpetrator. This movie was highly appreciated for shifting the attention from abusers to the victim and letting the story sung in the true format of crime.

The Playlist

The TV MA meaning is to provide parents guidelines, if it is accurate for kids on not, which is also essential in the case of The Playlist. It was released in 2022 and portrayed Swedish tech and his companions set out to revolutionize the music industry with a streaming platform. It is rated TV MA due to adult scenes and obscenity.

The Last Kingdom

Now you know what does TV MA mean on Netflix, you can decide if you want to watch it or not. As the name indicates, it is a historical fantasy show based on the best-selling novel, The Saxon Stories.

In this TV-MA movie, a small boy is abducted and raised by the Danes. When he participates in an unexpected conflict between the Saxons and Danes, he becomes valuable and untrustworthy for both sides.

Indeed, the great writing and great performance of the cast deserve a watch, but intense crime and sexuality have given the TVMA rating.

If you want something else, you can look for 10 Spanish movies on Netflix to watch right now.

Penny Dreadful

What does TV MA mean on Netflix? Take the example of this movie. Penny Dreadful movie is no mystery for the people who question what does TV MA mean on Netflix or TV MA meaning. It is a treat to watch for gothic lovers.

In this movie, a big game hunter goes on a mission to track down a killer, but soon both realize that they are fighting against any non-human entity. Due to excessive ghost and horror, this movie has been rated TV MA.

I Lost My Body

It is another famous and recommended movie that has been rated TVMA. In this movie, the cut-off hand escapes from a dissection lab with a simple yet important goal to regain the body. It roams around through the pitfalls of Paris. It recalls a good life with a good man till they come across Gabrielle.

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Netflix is a well-known platform containing TV MA movies. Do you wonder what does TV MA mean on Netflix? TV MA meaning is simple as it aims to give parents an indication that the show contains content that is not good for their children.

Now you have your answers; you can decide to watch TV-MA or search for the 8 best lesbian shows and movies on Netflix to watch right now.