summary of Y2Mate amazon downloader reviews, ratings, and impressions of use

in this article, we will summarize the reviews, ratings, and real opinions after using the Y2Mate amazon downloader software for downloading videos, including amazon prime.

I often hear complaints from friends around me, "What if I miss an Amazon video?" I often recommend Y2Mate Amazon Downloader to my friends in such cases. I often recommend Y2Mate Amazon Downloader to my friends in these situations.

What is Y2Mate Amazon Downloader? How is it rated?

Y2Mate Amazon Downloader is a classic Amazon downloader that allows you to watch TV series, movies, TV shows, or original content and Amazon Prime videos from Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Japan, Amazon DE, and other Amazon-related sites in Japan or abroad. It is a classic Amazon downloader that allows you to watch offline.

Content can be downloaded as MP4 files and can be played on most media players. Also, if commercials are played during downloading, no operation is required, and commercials can be skipped, so there is no need to be bothered by annoying commercials.

In addition to episode-by-episode downloads, it is also possible to download many videos at once. In addition to powerful and fast download speeds, you can customize the video and audio quality when downloading.

In addition, numerous languages are supported, and you are free to change the language of the audio and subtitles if you wish. When downloading metadata such as audio and subtitles, you can also set the language and choose whether to download them individually or in batches.

A 30-day trial version is available, so we recommend installing it from the official website and trying it for free.

What are your thoughts on Y2Mate Amazon Downloader and its use?

As Y2Mate Amazon Downloader is a great video downloader software, we will explain its powerful features next.

1、Prevent you from missing the anime you want to watch.

2、Video can be watched anytime offline

3、 Take advantage of Amazon with minimal Prime membership

You can prevent missing the anime you want to watch.

When you are using Amazon, it often happens that you suddenly forget the broadcast time of video contents and miss the broadcast, right? Or do you often see a message below the video saying "Prime will end in 0 days"?

Do you try to watch video content on the weekend, but forget about it or just don't have the time to watch it?

With Y2Mate Amazon Downloader, you can download the videos to your PC during the streaming period, so you won't miss the shows you want to watch even after the streaming time has passed.

Watch videos anytime offline

Nowadays, you can watch many video sharing site platforms at home at the same time. Especially, we can follow dramas on Amazon Prime Video or watch videos made by amateurs on YouTube. At night or late at night, when many people use the Internet at the same time, the Internet can become very slow. The best way to do this is to use the Y2Mate Amazon Downloader to download the videos in advance during the daytime when there are fewer Internet users, and then watch them offline at night or when the signal is poor.

Take advantage of Amazon with a minimal Prime membership.

Do you want to pay the 4,900 yen annual membership fee for Amazon Prime? Or would you opt for the 500 yen monthly membership fee? If you have a lot of videos you want to watch, choose the 500 yen membership plan in advance and save the videos you want to watch during your membership period with the Y2Mate Amazon Downloader so you can watch a lot of videos even after your membership expires!

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How to install Y2Mate Amazon Downloader?

Click "Free Download" on the official website to download the installer.

Run the downloaded installer and click "Customize" when the installation wizard opens.

If the license agreement is acceptable, click "Quick Install" to install the software. →Click "Yes" here.

If the firewall blocks it, select "Allow access".

There is a 30-day trial version, so if you have not yet purchased a license, just select "Trial".

Click "Start" when the license status is displayed. Y2Mate will then be available.

How do I download videos with Y2Mate Amazon Downloader?

  • Launch Y2Mate Amazon Downloader.
  • Click "Amazon" under "Home" in the left menu and select the video you want to download from AmazonPrime Video. Or, copy the URL of the video you want to download and paste it directly into the URL field on the home page.

*You may be asked to register for an account in order to connect to the video.

  • In the options, choose the quality you want, click "Download" when you are done, and then just wait for the download. Naturally, you can also download the audio version.
  • You can view the video you are downloading in the "Downloads" column on the left side.

What is the price of Y2Mate Amazon Downloader and what is the Y2Mate MyCombo price?

What is the price of the Y2Mate Amazon Downloader?

Y2Mate Amazon Downloader is priced at 5520 yen for 1 month, 9660 yen for 1 year, and 12420 yen for the unlimited version. As for the usage experience, the best value is to buy the unlimited version outright and download videos from many video sites.

What is Y2Mate MyCombo?

Y2Mate MyCombo is a custom bundle based on the Y2Mate product line, in which users select individual items (at least two) and combine them.

You can get it for as low as ¥17,500.

What is the best software to download Amazon Prime videos instead of Y2Mate Amazon Downloader?

FlixPal downloader is a downloader that supports not only Amazon Prime, but also Netflix, Disney+, U-Next, FANZA, MGS, and over 100 other video services. it allows you to watch Amazon Prime videos and is very Easy to use, All in One downloader for Mac and Windows, more affordable than Y2Mate Amazon Downloader.

About FlixPal Downloader Features

Download 🔘most streaming videos in full HD resolution.

🔘Because of the built-in browser, you don't have to extract the URL of the video and cosplay it like another software.

🔘Download Amazon Prime Video content easily with easy DRM removal.

🔘 Like Y2Mate Amazon Downloader, you can set scheduled tasks to download videos automatically.

🔘 Save videos as MP4 or MKV format so you can transfer them to other devices for viewing.

🔘 Improved GPU screen processing power enables fast download speeds of as little as 10 minutes for a 2-hour movie.

Price Comparison between FlixPal and Y2Mate Amazon Downloader

According to the price comparison chart between FlixPal and Y2Mate Amazon Downloader, FlixPal's monthly and yearly plans are cheaper than Y2Mate Amazon Downloader, which means you can buy more video download services supported by more video delivery services FlixPal's monthly and annual plans are cheaper than Y2Mate Amazon Downloader.

FlixPal's Lifetime plan is slightly more expensive than Y2Mate Amazon Downloader and Y2Mate MyCombo, but it's still a bargain since it lets you download videos from over 100 video services.

How to use FlixPal?

STEP1 Get the software from the official FlixPal website and install it on your own computer (Window or MAC).

The operating environment for FlixPal is

  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8.7
  • macOS 10.10 - 13

STEP2 Launch FlixPal and tap the video site icon, or enter the URL of the video site in the address field, or go to the video site first.

STEP3 Once you have accessed the video site, log in to this site. Find the video you wish to download and go to the playback screen.

STEP4 Then on the download screen to download the video, set the options (resolution, sound quality, etc.) to your liking, then click the "Download Now" button.

STEP5 The video will then begin downloading.


In this article, we summarized the reviews, ratings, and real opinions after using the Y2Mate Amazon Downloader software for downloading videos, including Amazon Prime, etc. Compared to Amazon Prime's download function, the Y2Mate Amazon Downloader Compared to Amazon Prime's download function, Y2Mate Amazon Downloader is more convenient to download videos.

However, the price of downloading only Amazon Prime videos with Y2Mate Amazon Downloader seems a bit high.

Instead, we recommend FlixP al downloader, which is an affordable downloader that is compatible with a variety of video services and is competitive in terms of features.