Review of Audials Movie and alternative software to save videos more comfortably.

In this article, we will review Audials movie, a product that specializes in video recording. We will also introduce alternative software that can be used to save videos more comfortably when the screen goes black and recording is not possible.

Audials is a multifunctional software application that allows you to easily search, record, and create your own collection of media content from Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, and many other platforms. It supports a variety of file formats, so you can transfer the recorded content to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device for your enjoyment.

In this article, we will review Audials movie, a product that specializes in video recording. It is easy to use because you can save your favorite videos by simply searching, playing, and starting recording in the internal browser, but there are some disadvantages, such as the high price of just downloading and watching videos, and the fact that the internal browser sometimes blacks out the screen and prevents recording. We will also introduce alternative software that allows you to save videos.

What is Audials Movie?

Audials, whose main function is screen recording, is actually divided into four products: audials one, audials movie, audials music, and audials radio. audials one, as the name suggests, is an all-in-one software that has all the functions of searching, recording, recording, and conversion. Audials movie, audials music, and audials radio are specialized products for recording, recording, and recording functions, respectively.

With Audials Movie, you can record your favorite videos without any loss of quality, detect and automatically remove unwanted ads before saving them. Its features are summarized below.

  1. Compatible with top-class streaming services, allowing you to record all your favorite videos.
  2. High quality recording. (with automatic tagging)
  3. Batch recording feature allows you to record videos completely automatically.
  4. Fast recording, even a 2-hour movie in no time!
  5. Detects and automatically removesunwanted ads.
  6. Download subtitles in your favorite language freely.
  7. Video editing is included to create your own collection.
  8. Convert to versatile formats such as 4k, MP4, HVEC, H.264, WMV, etc.

Learn how to record videos with Audials Movie, What to do when recording fails and more before using Audials Movie.

What are the disadvantages of Audials Movie?

With Audials Movie, you can easily and quickly record your favorite movies, dramas, and TV shows from various streaming services in high quality, convert them to your favorite formats, transfer them to your device, and watch them anytime, anywhere. However, Audials Movie does have some drawbacks.

(1) High price.

If you have an older version of Audials Movie, you can purchase it for the upgrade price of $1,990, otherwise the price is $3,990 (tax included). Compared to other screen recorders and downloaders, it is very expensive. I would recommend it if you want to record videos for your own collection and need to edit or convert to other formats, but if you simply want to download videos and enjoy them at home, I don't think it is a bit cosmetic to pay this much.

(2) Windows-only support is a bit lacking.

If it is an Audials product, there is an application for playing audials radio, but if it is other products, all of them support only Windows. Also, Audials Movie requires the following operating environment

  • Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit)
  • 1 GHz or faster CPU
  • 2GB or more memory (4GB or more recommended)
  • 1GB or more free disk space
  • Broadband Internet connection

(3) Screen recording is unstable and may not record

With the built-in browser, you can certainly start recording by simply playing your favorite video, so the operation is very easy, but sometimes errors occur and recording may not be possible. There were some reviews on the Internet that the screen suddenly went black when trying to record a video from a major paid video streaming service, so there is certainly room for improvement.

3 alternative software to save videos more comfortably than Audials Movie

Audials Movie can save videos by recording, but the conversion efficiency is low and the quality of the video is always degraded. There are several software packages that can save videos more comfortably than Audials Movie, but here we would like to introduce three of the most recommended ones.

FlixPal Downloader

If you have had trouble saving videos using Audials Movie, we recommend you use FlixPal Downloader, which supports not only popular video download services such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, but also YouTube, Vimeo, and other social networking sites. Live broadcasts fromlive streaming sites like Twitch, live TV and shows, and animated cartoons from anime sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation can all be downloaded using the FlixPal downloader. FlixPal Downloader. The downloaded videos can be MKV or MP4 format. You can transfer them to your favorite device and watch them offline anytime, anywhere.

Great Features and Benefits

1) Support for many video services

Unlike other video downloaders , FlixPal supports downloading videos from Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Rakuten TV, DMMTV, Apple TV, and over 200 other websites. and more than 200 other websites. Of course, you can also download from social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Nico Nico Douga, etc.

Download in high quality

With FlixPal, you can download videos up to 1080p resolution, so you can save videos without any quality loss like with Audials Movie. The downloaded videos can then be saved as MP4/MKV for playback on your device or transferred to a large-screen TV or other device for enjoyment in a variety of ways.

(3) Watch freely without advertisements

While downloading videos using FlixPal, ads are automatically detected and removed, so you can freely enjoy your favorite videos without being disturbed by ads when watching the downloaded videos.

4) Free to choose subtitles according to your preference

When downloading videos using FlixPal, there are settings for subtitles and storage formats, allowing you to choose subtitles according to your own preferences. You can also save the subtitles as an external SRT file on your computer along with the video.

5) Other excellent features

FlixPal also has a built-in browser that automatically detects entire series when you play your favorite videos and allows you to download them all at once. In addition, with its accelerated download speed, you can download a 2-hour movie in less than 10 minutes.

FlixPal also offers a free trial that allows you to download three videos on a trial basis with no restrictions on file size, video quality, or audio quality, so we encourage you to try it out for yourself.

KeepStreams Downloader|Fast download of streaming music and videos

KeepStreams is a professional software for saving streaming videos like FlixPal, KeepStreams supports over 60 subscription video services including Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, U-NEXT, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max. In addition, you can easily download videos from over 1000 video sharing sites such as TikTok, Twitter, and Nico Nico Douga.

Great features and benefits

1) Streaming music conversion is also possible

KeepStreams supports converting music from Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. and guarantees lossless downloading of your favorite songs in formats such as M4A, ACC, FLAC, OPUS, MP3, WAV and OGG.

2) Fast download speed: With KeepStreams Downloader, you can download videos in a few minutes, so you can use it as an alternative to Audials Movie to download streaming videos comfortably.

(3) Download high quality videos

When using KeepStreams Downloader, you can choose the quality of the video, which can be saved in HD (1280x720p) or Full HD (1920x1080p), providing you with a nice offline viewing experience.

(iii) Subtitles and video information can be freely set.

Before downloading videos with KeepStreams Downloader, you can set the subtitle language according to your preference. In addition, metadata information such as movie name, genre, and story can be saved.

4) Compatible with both Windows and Mac systems

KeepStreams Downloader supports both Windows and macOS systems, and KeepStreams Downloader also offers a free trial, so you can try it out for yourself.

Y2Mate Downloader|More powerful than Audials Movie and more intuitive to use

Y2Mate Downloader is a web-based video downloader that allows you to download videos from over 1,000 video delivery sites , including HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, U-Next, and YouTube.

As a web-based online downloader, Y2Mate can not only download videos from multiple platforms, but also convert them to high-quality MP3, MP4, FLV, and many other media file formats.

Great features and benefits

1) Download up to 720p and 1080p videos.

(2) High-speed batch downloading of up to 32 MB/s is possible, saving you a lot of time.

(3) Downloaded videos can be saved in MP4 & MKV format.

(4) You can watch the videos without advertisements.

(5) Subtitle can be set freely.

(6) It is very easy to use.


Audials is a multifunctional software that is very popular all over the world, and it has the advantage that you can easily search, record, and create your own collection from various video streaming services. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages such as high price and sometimes the screen goes black and you can't record.

In this article, we have introduced three alternatives to save videos more comfortably. Each of them offers a free trial, so please try them out and see if they suit your preferences.