MBS] Explanation of how to watch the missed videos of Video-ism offline.

This article explains how to watch the missed videos of [MBS] Video-ism offline. Now, let's get straight to the point.

MBS] Video-ism is a free and paid video distribution service that allows viewers to watch current and past great programs on MBS, including dramas, variety, anime, sports, documentaries, and more. This article explains how to watch the missed videos of [MBS] Video-ism offline. Now, let's get down to the simple matter at hand.


How to watch the missed videos of "MBS" Video-ism offline.

If you want to watch the missed videos of MBS Video-ism offline, you need to use a download software rather than recording. Downloading is a more efficient way to save videos. But are you unfamiliar with download software?

Here we introduce FlixPal Downloader, a software that allows you to download videos from 100+ video delivery services including Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, TVer, FOD, GYAO!

Advantages of FlixPal Downloader

  • Download videos in high quality

FlixPal Downloader allows you to download videos in various resolutions depending on their quality; with FlixPal, you can download videos in high quality up to 1080p.

  • Ad-free viewing

If you are frustrated by too many ads when downloading sports broadcasts, etc., videos downloaded with FlixPal can be viewed completely ad-free.

  • Save videos in highly compatible MP4 format

FlixPal saves videos as highly compatible MP4. Downloaded videos can be transferred to any available device. This means you can enjoy downloaded videos on your TV.

  • Download multiple series at once

When you play a program in FlixPal's built-in browser, it automatically detects the program series and allows you to select episodes for batch download.

  • Save subtitles as external SRT files

When downloading programs from services such as Netflix, you can choose subtitles. In addition, you can save the subtitles as an external SRT file on your computer.

These are the main advantages of FlixPal. Of course, there are other features. Downloading live videos, saving videos from Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc...

And it is easy to use FlixPal downloader. It couldn't be easier. Here is how to use FlixPal Downloader.

How to use FlixPal Downloader [for MBS].

1. First, enter the official website of FlixPal Downloader and click [Free Download] for FlixPal. 2.

2. Install and launch FlixPal Downloader. Enter the URL of 【MBS動画イズム】 site in the address bar on the home page. 3.

Once you are on the 【MBS動画イズム】 site, select the video you wish to download from the programs you have missed.

4. Go to the playback page and click on 【DRM M3U8】. <When 【DRM M3U8】 turns blue, the video URL has been analyzed and is ready for download.

5. Select your favorite quality and audio in the pop-up window that appears, then click 【Download Now】.

6. Confirm the video being downloaded with 【Downloading】. After the download is complete, you can watch this missed program offline.

Now we have introduced how to download and save the missed videos of 【MBS】 Video-ism. If you have any videos you want to download, please try FlixPal Downloader!

Next, we will introduce you how many programs are available on 【MBS】.

The following is a list of 5 programs distributed by 【MBS】.

Jounetsu Tairiku


Jounetsu Tairiku" is a TV documentary that gives viewers a chance to spend a moment from 11:00 pm on Sundays to feel the power to live positively during the long week that begins the next day. Each episode focuses on a person at the forefront of all kinds of fields, including sports, theater, music, and academia, and explores their personal charms and true personalities.

Maki Mizuno's Magical Restaurant


Actress Maki Mizuno, "King of Taste" V6 Hiroshi Nagano, and clever comedian Rosan deliver the latest gourmet information on the Kansai region, while mixing in a "food" quiz!

There's also a lot of information you can only find here!

Easy and useful recipes from Kansai's star chefs! Easy and useful recipes for home cooking!



In "Gobugobu," Downtown's Masanori Hamada and the cast and crew split the show 50-50 and wander the town at their leisure, talking, eating, and having fun.

The destination can be changed depending on the mood! When the "on-air scale" is reached, the location is over!

The drama without a plot woven by the maverick Masanori Hamada, the guest stars, and the staff corps is a must-see!

Yoshimoto Shinki NEXT/SDGs Song


This program is an adaptation of a segment from Yoshimoto Shinkigeki NEXT. Everyone wants to live in a nice town, live in a beautiful house, eat delicious food, and get along with everyone else. But the recent news reports discriminatory problems and deterioration of the global environment. Such problems can be changed by the awareness and mindset of one and all. Even the smallest thing will surely help someone. We are committed to raising such awareness and to making progressive efforts to answer the question, "Then, what should I do?" Through interviews with people who are making progressive efforts, this corner will help you understand the issues in an enjoyable way.

Ulleung Journey Around the World


The title "Ulleung" is a new word created by joining the end of four words: encounter, see, stay, and experience. In each episode, a unique traveler will introduce, in the form of a quiz, the realities and daily life in the world that he/she encountered, saw, experienced, and felt firsthand during his/her homestay in various countries around the world.

These are the five programs available on MBS that are worth watching. If you're a fan of apetizing programs, you can watch these missed videos at MBS Video-ism!

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