Learn all about how to download videos from Rakuten TV (Rakuten TV).

In this article, we will introduce how you can download videos from Rakuten TV (Rakuten TV), which boasts an overwhelming amount of content ranging from old favorites to the latest hits. How can you download videos from such a content-rich streaming service?

Rakuten TV boasts an overwhelming amount of content, from old classics to the latest hits. There are many foreign films, Japanese films, Asian and international dramas. Rakuten TV also offers a wide variety of content, including kids, Takarazuka, stage, sports, and more. What should you do if you download videos from such a content-rich streaming service? In this article, we will introduce a comprehensive method for downloading videos from Rakuten TV.

How to download Rakuten TV (Rakuten TV) videos on your computer

FlixPal Rakuten TV Downloader is one of the dedicated download software to download videos from Rakuten TV (Rakuten TV). After using many video saving software, the most recommended one is still FlixPal Rakuten TV Downloader. First of all, compared to recording software, the downloader allows you to save videos smoothly without having to bother with playing and recording videos. And it only takes a few minutes to complete. In this respect, the downloader is better.

Of course, in addition to Rakuten TV, dozens of streaming services are supported, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

1. Download the product FlixPal Rakuten TV Downloader from FlixPal

First, enter FlixPal's official website on your computer browser, tab the category "Products" on the top of the homepage of FlixPal's official website, select "FlixPal Rakuten TV Downloader" among the products displayed, and then select "Free Download".

2. install & start FlixPal

Open the downloaded FlixPal folder and select the destination to install. After installation, launch FlixPal, press "VIP Services" on the left side, and select Rakuten TV from the streaming services displayed. 3.

3. log in to Rakuten TV

Once you are on the official Rakuten TV website, you will need to login first. There is free content available, but only a little.

4. Find the video you want to download.

Then, find the video you want to download. After you find the video you want to download, purchase it. After purchasing, you will be taken to the playback page of this video.

5. Play the video.

Next, press the play button and click on the blue "DRM M3U8" button in the upper left corner of the playback page. The "DRM M3U8" will turn blue, which means that we have finished analyzing the URL of this video.

6. Set the video quality and audio

Click "DRM M3U8", select your desired video quality and audio in the pop-up window that appears, and then click "Download Now". (Depending on the video, the quality can range from 320P to 1080P.

7. Start downloading

After clicking "Download Now," the downloading of the video will begin. In my environment, it takes only about 2 minutes to download a 20-minute video. The total speed reaches up to 5 MB/s.

* Rakuten TV is a streaming service available only in Japan. International users should be aware that Rakuten TV is not yet available directly.

How to record and save Rakuten TV videos on your PC

FonePaw PC Screen Recorder allows you to save videos from Rakuten TV's official website and watch the programs on your computer. You can record high-quality Rakuten TV videos without watermark. The screen of Rakuten TV videos recorded with this software will not turn black. It also supports most video sharing sites such as YouTube, Hulu, U-NEXT, etc. You can try this recording software for free if you like.

1. Set up Rakuten TV for recording

Once you are in Rakuten TV, click on your favorite program and proceed to the playback screen. Before playing the video, launch "FonePaw PC Screen Recorder" and specify the recording area on the screen with the recorder function. Remember to turn on the system sound recording function by clicking on the icon that looks like a speaker. If you are concerned about recording keyboard or other noises, you can turn off recording from the microphone. Once you have completed the settings, click the "REC" button to start recording!


2. What you can do when recording Rakuten TV

While recording, all the screen scenes in the range you just specified will be captured as they are. To avoid disturbing the recording screen, you can hide the tool panel in the system tray or move it outside the recording area. From the tool panel, you can not only view the recording time, but also take pictures of the best parts of Rakuten TV programs and doodle on the screen using the editing functions. If you are interested, you can use these features while recording.


3. Saving Rakuten TV recordings

When you stop recording, a confirmation screen for video playback will appear. Check the quality of the recorded Rakuten TV video, and if there are no problems, press the "Save" button to output the recorded video locally. You will then see a list of created videos and can manage your recorded videos directly.

Note: Please note that due to website limitations, some content may not allow screen recording and only audio can be recorded. Videos recorded with this software must be enjoyed without infringing the copyright of the owner of Rakuten TV. Unauthorized distribution of videos may result in certain legal liability.


How to download and save Rakuten TV videos on the official app

Users who have installed the Rakuten TV app on their smartphone/tapwrap can download purchased content directly from the app. However, there are various limitations to downloading videos with the Rakuten TV app. The biggest drawback among them is that downloaded videos cannot be saved in MP4 format. In other words, downloaded videos can only be viewed with the Rakuten TV app. In this regard, it is better to download, record, and save Rakuten TV videos on your computer.

Below are the steps to download and save Rakuten TV videos on the app.

1. Launch the Rakuten TV app and go into your purchase history.

Launch the Rakuten TV app, log in, and click the "Purchase History" button at the bottom of the home screen. From there, you can check your past purchases.


2. Select content

Select the content you wish to download from Rakuten TV and click the "Download" button on the program details page.

ダウンロード ボタン

3. Download settings on Rakuten TV

If you can select the quality and dubbing, check the reference file size and make your selection. Then start downloading the video from Rakuten TV.

ダウンロード 選択


This article introduced three ways to download videos from Rakuten TV (Rakuten TV). If you download videos with the official app, you can watch them only with the app and not convert them on other devices. In contrast, if you record and download Rakuten TV (Rakuten TV) videos on your computer, you can save the videos in the highly versatile MP4 format. In addition, the waiting time to save a video is much shorter when downloading a video on a computer compared to recording a video. Regardless of the length of the video, the video download can be completed in just a few minutes.