Thorough investigation of Rawkuma's replacement & successor sites and whether they have closed.

In this article, we would like to present an overview of alternatives & successor sites to Rawkuma, as well as the risks involved when using illegal manga sites like Rawkuma.

Rawkuma is one of many popular illegal manga sites; Rawkuma has many Japanese manga available for free and unlimited reading. However, there is a strong possibility that Rawkuma will one day be shut down as an illegal manga site that reprints legitimate manga without permission. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce the alternative & successor sites to Rawkuma, as well as the risks involved when using illegal manga sites like Rawkuma.

Rawkuma now closed? Is it still in operation?

Rawkuma is a pirate site where you can read popular manga for free.

Rawkuma is not well known in Japan because it does not target Japanese readers.

However, there are many Japanese manga on the site, so there may be some Japanese who are viewing the site for personal use.

The operator of Rawkuma is believed to be an overseas server. This is because you can find not only Japanese manga but also a lot of content originating from Korea.

It is in operation now, but there is a high possibility that it will be shut down someday.

Three features of Rawkuma

The manga themselves are not in English.

When you access Rawkuma, the entire site is in English.

However, while the manga titles are in English, the manga content is in Japanese.

For Japanese manga, click on the manga title to access the contents page. All manga content is in Japanese.

Popular manga that are currently at the top of the rankings include "Drawing The Strongest Manga Artist," "Blue Rock," and "Chainsaw Man.

Lots of weird pop-up ads.

Every time you click a button on Rawkuma, a pop-up ad always opens automatically. Sometimes, even without mouse operation, you are sent to a strange site.

People who dislike ads may find this quite stressful.

In addition, there is a high possibility that a strange site like Rawkuma may contain a virus, so if you open it, you risk getting your PC into a serious situation.

Search function is difficult to use

Rawkuma's search function is only available in English, which makes it very inconvenient to search for your favorite manga.

Manga covers are displayed in Japanese, so you can recognize the titles at a glance, but the image is still very difficult for Japanese users to use.

This may be the reason why Rawkuma is not so well known in Japan.

Summary of 7 illegal manga sites similar to Rawkuma

There are several illegal pirate sites like Rawkuma that are operated overseas or opened for people within English-speaking countries to read manga for free.

The following is a list of 7 illegal manga sites similar to Rawkuma.

Manga Raw

漫画ランキング(第1位~第30位) 漫画 RAW ランキング上位 2021

Official website Manga RAW

Manga RAW is a pirate manga site that is currently in operation.

The site is displayed in English characters like Rawkuma, and the operator is of course overseas.

Numerous popular manga are posted on the site, including such popular works as "Jutsu Kaisen" and "One Piece.



Official Website Manga1000

Manga1000 is another RAW-type site, an illegal site where you can read popular manga in English for free.

It seems to be gaining popularity because in many cases the latest stories of Japanese manga are uploaded on the site immediately on the day they are released.

It is the same as all pirate sites in that it displays a lot of extreme advertisements and viruses may be planted.

The list is high when used.

Sen Manga

Official Web Site Sen Manga

Sen Manga is a long running pirated manga site.

It seems to be quite popular with a lot of Jump type works listed on the site.

However, it is often pointed out that the site's UI is difficult to use, the site's display is slow, and there are many radical advertisements.

You might get mining scams because the site has a virtual currency mining program.

Manga Rock

Place of Anime and Manga: Read Manga Free 漫画

Official Website Manga Rock

Manga Rock is an app, not a website, that can be downloaded from the iOS and Android app stores.

Manga Rock is a free pirated manga app that is actually an illegal app.

Simply browsing the website in a browser is not illegal, but downloading such an app is most likely illegal.

We recommend that you do not download illegal apps.

Manga ZIP

MANGA ZIP【漫画ジップ】閉鎖の真実や代わりの無料漫画サイト - マンガ庭園

Official website MANGAZIP

Manga ZIP is an illegal manga site that uploads popular manga.

You cannot browse manga on the site itself, but you can download manga files in ZIP format.

However, downloading means that the possibility of virus infection is also high. You might download strange programs together, so don't use this site.


manga4u is a pirate manga site that was established as a successor to mangaHato.

Accessing it is quite dangerous, as you will be warned of a virus infection.

It seems to be closed now, but it may be revived with a new domain.

Manga japan

Manga-japan is a free manga site that appeared as a successor site after Manga-mura was shut down.

It allows users to upload manga illegally and enjoy manga for free without registration.

It is now strictly controlled by the authorities, and the former operator in China has been punished by the local authorities.

Using an illegal manga site like Rawkuma is dangerous!

Virus infection

If you use Rawkuma, you may become a victim of one-click fraud or phishing scams, and your personal information may be extracted from your device. In addition, the virus itself may freeze your device or be exploited without your knowledge.

Personal information is compromised.

The risks of free illegal comic sites like Rawkuma include not only virus infection but also malicious programs.

Adware is software designed to generate advertising revenue, but some of these programs are malicious.

For example, a pop-up warning such as "Spyware detected" may appear repeatedly, even after the pop-up is closed.

Also, if you are directed to a security software site from a pop-up on Rawkuma and purchase security software corresponding to the pop-up, your personal information may be extracted.

In some cases, credit card information can also be extracted, which can lead to significant damage.

Free pirated sites are illegal and we cannot guarantee their safety.

Never use illegal free (pirated) sites.

There are many extreme advertisements.

Some free pirate sites like Rawkuma have many advertisements that are inappropriate for minors.

Some ads direct users to strange services, such as online casinos, but the majority of ads are unhealthy, such as those promoting dating sites and pirated games.

There are various risks associated with sites that are opened after being directed by advertisements on illegal free pirate sites.

For example, some advertise illegal services.

Just by visiting Rawkuma, you may be exposed to criminal activity, which is quite dangerous.

In addition, some illegal free pirate sites are designed to send you to an advertising page every time you read a work.

The safety of pop-up ads is not guaranteed at all, so never use illegal free pirate sites.

Alternatives and Successor Legitimate Sites to Rawkuma

Let us introduce you to some of the legitimate sites that can replace Rawkuma. You do not need to worry about the safety of these official sites.


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We have summarized the successor & replacement sites to Rawkuma, and since Rawkuma is an illegal manga site, there are many potential risks. Please be careful when using it.

If possible, we recommend you to use a legitimate site instead of Rawkuma. In particular, if you join u-next, you can read as many manga and magazines as you want and watch over 210,000 videos as much as you want.