Why was Chia-Anime shut down? Summary of 8 alternative free anime sites.

Chia-Anime is a streaming site where you can watch a variety of anime genres. In this article, we will discuss Chia-Anime, as well as other alternative anime streaming services.

What do you usually do when you want to watch anime? Have you heard of Chia-Anime, a free anime site that offers a wide variety of anime titles in a variety of genres? In this article, we will introduce you to the excellent features of Chia-Anime. We will also introduce other alternatives to prevent the site from suddenly shutting down and becoming unavailable for viewing.

What is Chia-Anime? Find out how it operates

What is Chia-Anime?

Chia-Anime is a streaming site that offers a variety of anime genres, and as a streaming service, Chia-Anime is known for providing high quality anime content. Chia-Anime is known for offering high quality anime content as a streaming service. Chia-Anime is able to offer so much anime content because of its strong anime database.

So what exactly are the advantages? First of all, users can choose their favorite type of anime on Chia-Anime according to the categories on the official website.

The contents of Chia-Anime are updated in real time. In addition to Japanese, foreign users can also use English to search for keywords in the content they want to watch.

If there is something you do not understand, you can always submit a question here as well, and you will get a quick answer.

Chia-Anime has the latest serialized anime as well as many popular anime series, and you can check the updated list.

The best part is that while it is a web-based streaming platform, you can also download it and watch it offline later.

Chia-Anime offers free anime, but you can also watch anime broadcast in other countries, not just Japan, here. However, some of them require payment.

How is Chia-Anime operating now?

Chia-Anime has been shut down many times and has changed its website several times to avoid such problems. The previous one is no longer available and the one that is still available is as follows

  • chia-anime.su
  • chia-anime-tv.303.si (mirror site)

5 anime pirate sites to watch for free instead of Chia-Anime

With the closure of the pirate site Chia-Anime, many people are looking for alternative sites to watch anime for free. Here are five popular alternative sites where you can watch anime for free just like Chia-Anime.

1, Kissanime

Kissanime is a very top ranked anime site. Like Chia-Anime, it offers a very large selection of anime. You can quickly check the latest updates on the top page at any time. From the top page, you can see which genre of anime you like. Anime are categorized by genre, so you can quickly find the anime you want to watch, and by clicking on the name of an anime, you can jump directly to that anime. However, you cannot change the quality of the playback screen, and sometimes ads are displayed.

2. funimation

Funimation is an anime broadcast site that, like Chia-Anime, offers dubbed anime. The site regularly updates its anime serials for specific series, as well as English dubs of many popular anime.

In addition, Funimation's library includes many anime series. There are many anime series that are currently being released, as well as those that have already finished airing. Naturally, users can watch them for free, but ads may appear from time to time. If this bothers you, you can watch without ads by becoming a subscriber!

3. GoGoAnime

Like Chia-Anime, GogoAnime has many popular anime available to watch online for free. Not only is it constantly updated with the latest anime, but the picture quality is also very good. Despite the Japanese anime, GoGoAnime also offers foreign anime, so if you want to watch anime, GoGoAnime might be a good choice for you.

4. 9Anime

Next up is 9Anime, which, like Chia-Anime, offers a wide range of anime and movie genres in super high quality. The most important feature of this site is the ability to reserve the next scheduled anime. Also, if there is an anime that is not available on this site, the most important feature is that you can choose to upload it directly to this site. So, in conclusion, this is an anime site with a wide variety of anime genres.

5. AnimeHeaven

Similar to Chia-Anime, this pirate site offers many genres of anime, and users can watch anime for free. New and popular anime are constantly updated, making this site attractive to those interested in anime. However, ads may be displayed.

Risks in using pirate sites like Chia-Anime

You are more susceptible to viruses

Be aware that watching and downloading videos on a pirate site called Chia-Anime can easily infect you with computer viruses, mainly because Chia-Anime is illegal and you can be charged with copyright infringement, along with clicking on pop-up ads in the videos, This is because you can be infected with a virus by being redirected to a page with a virus. There have also been cases where people have been infected simply by watching an animated video.

It could be a scam or a leak of personal information.

As mentioned above, ads that appear out of the blue can not only have viruses, but can also be fraudulent, such as discounts and promotions. Using pirate sites such as Chia-Anime can also result in the leakage of personal information.

3 legitimate anime sites to watch for free instead of Chia-Anime

The pirate site Chia-Anime has been noted to be illegal and dangerous. Not only is there a high risk of virus infection, there is also the risk of fraud and identity theft. Therefore, we recommend that you use legitimate sites to watch anime.

Full☆Anime TV (Kodansha's YouTube channel)

This site is operated by Kodansha itself and is officially recognized by the Anime Production Committee, Editorial Board, and various related departments. It is a YouTube channel specialized in anime. Anime broadcasts are adjusted according to the time of year, and some new and popular anime are adjusted based on viewer feedback. Since the channel is broadcast on YouTube, it can be used on a very wide range of devices, and the picture and sound quality is very good, making it a comfortable viewing experience. If you are a user who likes anime, you should definitely give it a try.

N Anime (Nico Nico Anime)

Nico Nico Anime is a general information anime site that broadcasts works with the author's permission. It has an app as well as web, and you can watch anime without logging in. Popular anime from the past are also shown for free, depending on the time of day. Since it is a niconico site, it is also possible to watch the programs in a pop-up window.

tver (tver)

Many people know "tver" as a subscription service for terrestrial TV.

It is the largest free video service in Japan, operated by a consortium of 10 TV stations in Tokyo and Osaka and 4 advertising companies such as Dentsu and Hakuhodo,

Its main selling point is the distribution of missed terrestrial broadcasts, as well as reruns of previously completed animations and popular works. It offers not only anime, but also variety and live sports broadcasts, so I use it only with my smartphone.

Introducing software to download streaming videos

FlixPal downloader has superior features compared to other video downloaders. Most importantly, you get all in one for a cheap monthly fee and can use all the features. Despite the fact that it is an all-in-one downloader, it can download video content from more than 60 popular video services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more than 1000 video sites such as Chia-Anime.

You can also download videos from the video sharing platforms mentioned above from FlixPal Downloader.

FlixPal downloader has an Ultra HD quality of up to 4k, so you can watch the most realistic animations without loss. In addition, because downloading is available, you can watch the videos even if you have a poor Internet connection.


We have introduced an excellent anime viewing site, Chia -Anime allows you to watch many categories of anime, and in addition to that, we will introduce other sites at once, so please enjoy them.

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